You already know about Rotary. You know it benefits our society, there are thousands of clubs in the world, you know it promotes good works in your community and internationally.
Maybe, you don’t know Rotary develops leaders:  Networking, leadership, public speaking, working in groups, public service, brain storming, how to run a meeting, project management, financial reports, serving on a committee, and ....
Rotary Club of Dunnville is pleased to extend to your organization the opportunity to explore our Corporate Membership Program. It works like this:
  • Your organization becomes a full-fledged Rotary member. As its CEO/principal/owner, you are the member of record- - - congratulations, and welcome!
  • Actual participation in Rotary activities is assigned to  one or two persons in your organization and they in turn become “Rotarian Delegates”. These delegates are probably people you have had your eye on… and you may have been considering ways to develop their leadership, networking, public speaking skills and so on. This is your opportunity to have it done in a way that benefits your organization, the individuals, and the community.
  •  Use the "contact us" link above or on the home page to learn more.