Posted on Jul 06, 2020
What kind of projects is the Rotary Club of Dunnville planning to pursue in the coming years? Learn more here!
Area of Focus
Youth Services
  1. Get back to hosting youth dances (covid regulations willing)
  1. Find ways to support our youth as they deal with suicide, cyberbullying, drugs and mental health challenges. 
  1. Provide a wheelchair swing that can be enjoyed by both children and adults for a playground in the community
  1. Explore what other outdoor programs or outdoor adventure park we could provide for youth - with zip lines / nature tours
Community Services
  1. Continue to move forward to get an observation deck built on at the Thompson Creek Eco Centre
  2. Create more walking and biking paths
  3. Help build an indoor pool
  1. Give members a chance to share what is going on in their businesses
  2. Have speakers come from different Rotary clubs
  3. Keep S-at-Arms focused on fun - nothing serious
  1. Get an e-brochure / calling card pulled together with current info on club and its activities
  2. Ensure we are reaching out to missing and recently departed alumni to invite them back
  3. Hold meetings at different businesses at their location and tour / learn more about that business as part of the meeting
Public Image
  1. Ensure that our projects get our name on them - website and signage
  2. Actively promote our club at community events - booth
  3. Host an innovation night where good ideas for community are pitched