"The Great Tricycle Race" put on by Haldimand Motors was a fantastic event that brought together various clubs, churches, and firefighters for a night of fun and fundraising. Haldimand Motors deserves a big thank you for organizing such an enjoyable evening and for providing financial support to these community organizations.
Rotary Club members participated in the race. Wes Moodie, a Rotary member, and Dr. Natalie from the Dunnville Vet Clinic did an excellent job and crossed the finish line first, showcasing their skills and teamwork.
The footboard race involving two more Rotary members, Bob Perry and Lynn Spencer, added an extra layer of competition.   This portion of the race was a bit more challenging than expected.
In the first heat, Dunnville Rotary secured the first position, winning a $2,000 purse, which is a significant contribution to their cause. In the second heat, Rotary came in third place, still earning a respectable $1,000 purse.
Overall, it was a wonderful event that not only provided entertainment and a fantastic fireworks display but also supported important community organizations. Kudos to everyone involved!