POD Duties
Pod duty is all about making sure meetings run smoothly. Here is a list of responsibilities:
  • Set up and take down all regalia (banners, flags, etc).
  • Greet members as they arrive.
  • Give thanks for the meal.
  • Welcome and introduce guest speakers. Thank the guest speaker at the end of the meeting and offer a Rotary mug as a token of appreciation.
  • Act as Sergeant-at-arms. This is where you can have some fun collecting money with fines and quizzes.
  • Conduct the 50/50 draw.
POD 1 (Nov/Dec/Jan - May/June/July)
Jackie Kleniewski, John Upshall, Al Elliot,  Wes Moodie, Carissa Ready, Jen Robertson, Brad Spencer, Debbi Tonnes-Violette
POD 2 (Feb/Mar/Apr - Aug/Sept/Oct)
Lynn Spencer, Bob Perry, Nyree Segui, Nicole Breadner, Marjorie Ettinger,  Greg Segui, Joanne VanRavenswaay, Kristin Elliott
Pods may be redistributed at the discretion of the president as membership changes. Pod leaders will assign specific tasks for each meeting.